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Sunday Features

Our new Sunday sections- Eat, Drink, Play and Your Life -will include features covering food, wine, travel, family, healthy living, relationships, work life, and more by some of Bay Area News Group’s most distinctive columnists and reporters. The sharp, fresh design of our new Sunday Features sections will give you more interactivity and a plethora of exciting content to explore.

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Whether you’re buying or selling your home, looking

for inspiration on a remodel, or love seeing the design and beauty of local dream home features, find what you love about real estate in our newly redesigned weekend real estate sections. You’ll find pictorials and stories covering featured home tours, celebrity home sales, market trends and more in these unique local sections. These newly revised sections will be a must read local real estate guide.


Introducing news from your neighborhood,

the city you work, and the cities you visit.

From Lamorinda to Sunnyvale, Milpitas to Berkeley, you can now access the small town news you love in all of our coverage zones. Enjoy city calendars, local government coverage, community impact stories and more in our weekly papers from across the bay.


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